Re-Enactor Registration

Welcome to 2014, and the 24th Annual WWII Weekend and Gathering of Warbirds. The Museum and event staff appreciate your participation and we also recognize your high level of knowledge and dedication to the preservation and presentation of the history of WWII. We also appreciate your understanding of the difficulties of running a show on an operational airport regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

Individual Re-enactor Registration:

In order to register for the 2014 WWII Weekend, you must be listed on the group roster submitted by the group leader. If you are not currently listed on a group roster, you must contact the group leader to become a member of that group. Only group leaders may make additions or changes to group rosters. Group leaders are to list reenactor names and addresses as they appear on their photo ID. You may register with one group only! Duplicate registrations will not be accepted. NOTE: Children under age 6 are not required to register.

To proceed with the registration process, select the group with which you plan to participate: